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Interactive Solutions

In a world that is constantly changing to become better, marketers too need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of competition. One such innovation that could completely set you apart from your competitors are the use of interactive.

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Web Solutions

Your website is the online identity of your brand. Your website tells the world who you are, and your customer will judge your brand and its quality through your website. Therefore having an excellent and unique identity is as important as having one at all.

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Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing is best done when it is done in such a way that customers interpret them as not advertising or marketing, rather as a part of their daily life. To do this, marketing must be done where the customer is, in the most native way rather than the traditional on the face ads. A good digital marketing agency helps your brand do just that.

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Interactive Websites

Design, usability and technology are the foundations of any website. At JPRS Technologies, it is a culture which has been developed by blending core elements in the creative process such as team, ideas and creativity.

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e–Commerce Web Development Company

The term E-commerce refers to all kinds of commercial transactions using the internet. More precisely, it means buying and selling of products and services to consumers electronically.

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Web Application Development Services

JPRS Technologies also provides premier Web App Development Services. Since 2012, as one of the best Web Application Development Company in Kochi, we have been creating quality web applications across business domains

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Mobile app development Services

JPRS Technologies is an emerging website and mobile app development company. We help companies transform their business process through consultation, development and deployment of custom-based mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices.

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Website Development Services

Design, usability and technology are the foundations of any website. At JPRS Technologies, one of the best Web Development Company in India, it is a culture that has been developed by blending core elements such as team, ideas and creativity into the development process.

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Website Designing Services

In the new digital era, websites are one of the basic needs for all companies and business. It has become the primary source through which a user pro-actively develops awareness about your business in the initial stages of the buying process.

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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Otimization Services

A search engine’s influence on the information consumption of a consumer is beyond what words can express. With an ever increasing number of internet users and most of them turning to search engines for information about a service or a product they want to buy, having an edge in the search engine results page with the help of search engine optimization services could make all the difference...

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Social Media Marketing Services

Our Social Media Marketing Services is not just about posting ads or creating profiles in the various social media platforms. It is much more than that! It’s a new age marketing concept and it uses advanced forms of internet marketing using various social media networks that also include Facebook and Twitter.

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PPC Advertising Services

Have you noticed those sponsored advertisements at the top of the Google search result page? That is the best example for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.Pay per click Ads are also known as cost-per-click (CPC). PPC ads are usually used when quick results are required, be it in terms of traffic to the

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App store optimization services

JPRS Technologies is a premier ASO providing agency in India. Our background in search, combined with our multilingual capabilities have made ASO a natural fit for us. It is our one of the fastest growing divisions with a team of dedicated mobile experts

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Interactive Multi-Touch

In today’s digital world it is all about how well you can interact with the devices around, either by touch or by gestures or at least by motion. Effective communication matters the most, irrespective of the medium.

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Motion Sensor Solutions

User Walks across the space along the wall and the imagery on the wall sensing the motion. The term ‘motion sensors’ refer to devices that are designed to sense or detect the presence of an individual in a specific space.

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Wall/Floor Projections

Wall and floor projections are virtually interactive solutions that take viewer engagement into a new level. With apparently no devices used, an interactive wall or floor amazes those who interact with it and leave a lasting impression.

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Virtual Try

In the present day world’s pace where people are getting busier and attention spans shorter, marketers have to venture into innovative out of the box ways to gain the attention of a potential customer. With shopping largely going online

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Responsive Websites

Digital Marketing Service Worldwide

The best kind of marketing is when the narrative becomes an integral part of the information the audience consumes in their daily lives. And the best way to do this, is to blend it with content in the platforms the audience uses. And in our generation these mediums are mostly digital media and hence the ideal form of marketing is digital marketing.

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    JPRS Technologies is extremely professional with all the services they deliver. We have worked with them on a variety of projects, which provided amazing results. They are the best to associate for a long term relationships. Their talent pool have sharp & sound knowledge about the industry and is very easy to communicate with.


    Owner(Bellezza Cara)
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    They know the magic to make their customer delight. We have experienced the same many times and is still continuing. Every time the team is so enthusiastic to deliver much more than our expectation. They are also keen to provide timely support and advice to make our digital presence always a step ahead.

    Siddhart Mittal

    CEO(Onore Matrimonials)
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    JPRS Technologies has been the perfect technology partner for us. They have provided with us an extremely successful application, e commerce website and digital marketing strategies. With great commitment, coordination and trust now they have become our strategic digital partner. It’s a great association and will continue this excellent relationship for the future.

    Amol Goel

    Owner(Louis Stitch)
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